Afternoon Closure for Staff Training- 20/03/2020

March 18, 2020

Dear Parents/Carers
As we are sure you can appreciate, COVID-19 is presenting all schools with a number of challenges. Our priority is to keep our pupils and staff safe in conjunction with ensuring that our pupils continue to learn. However, staff attendance is falling especially as we have been obliged to send home any staff member who falls into the vulnerable/priority categories as outlined by the Government. Our aim is to stay open for as long as possible whilst supporting those pupils who are currently self-isolating, thus requiring on-line learning and a different approach.


In light of these challenges, we intend to provide our staff with additional training in designing a sustainable on-line learning platform. On the afternoon of Friday 20 March, we intend to hold an INSET afternoon, and therefore we will be closing at 12.45pm. No lunch will be provided but food will be available at break and pupils who are in receipt of free school meals will be catered for.


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