Cedars Academy Bike Repair

Cedars Academy Bike repair and refurbishment scheme has been working hard to fix and donate bikes for the Cedars, primary feeders and wider communities.

December 18, 2020

Despite only starting the project in March, and having the project very inconveniently interrupted by the national lockdown, a small number of students have been giving up their time on a regular basis to support the scheme. And in the short space of time have refurbished, and now distributed 20 bicycles.  

Mr Nigel Jarvis, the Cedars Academy Staff member leading the project said. “I’m very proud of the students involved. Despite a shortage of time on the project, they chose to give up quite a bit of their own time to ensure it was successful. And they have shown pride in their work having taken donated bikes of varying quality, fixed, sanded, resprayed and decorated them to a standard which means they can be donated and can be enjoyed by members of our community.” 

“In doing so they have developed practical skills to use in the future on bikes or further afield, learnt the value of recycling materials and, most importantly, shown their joy in doing a good deed for the community.” 

“Students at Cedars, The feeder primary schools and some local charities have received the completed bikes. Free of charge and in a roadworthy, clean and presentable condition. We felt as a team, this year as much as any, that any help we could give prior to Christmas was an effort worth investing. The students involved have also expressed the desire to continue the project, and next year we aim to donate more.” 

This coupled with the donations of Christmas treats, made by students, and the food bank collection is just one of many initiatives students at Cedars have supported wholeheartedly with the aim of supporting our local community.