Lesson 6

Coronavirus Closure

Following on from the updated Government directive on school opening The Cedars Academy is now closed to all but children of key workers who have registered for a place.

Lesson 6

January 27, 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

At the Cedars Academy we are continually aspiring to academic excellence. As such we believe it is vital that pupils are well supported to be prepared for their final GCSE examinations. To help pupils reach their full potential we are implementing Lesson 6. From 3.10pm-4:10pm Monday - Friday pupils will be given additional lessons in key subjects, progress in this lesson will be closely monitored to ensure pupils are closing the knowledge gaps, as identified by the Question Level Analysis from the mock exams. We ask for your support in ensuring pupils attendance at lesson 6. Attendance has been determined from the progress achieved in the year 11 trial exams, and required lessons have been placed on students timetables.

The lessons will continue on Monday 27th January, and will take place every week until further notice. Persistent failure to attend a required session may result in the school issuing sanctions in line with the school’s attendance and behaviour polices. If pupils normal use the school bus, then they can access the school mini bus, this will run at approximately 4:15 each day, and is provided free of charge to students.