Year 9 Option Choices

Year 9 Option Choices

Towards the end of year 9 we offer pupils different pathways of study for their GCSE courses in Years 10 and 11.


This allows pupils to opt for courses that match their interests and talents and also maximises their chances of achieving strong examination results by the end of year 11. In order to help pupils make the right choices we hold an information evening that pupils and parents can attend and their tutors and pastoral team will also support this process.



    • Pathway One (EBacc) – These pupils have been selected based on their strong potential in modern foreign languages and have been guided towards an English Baccalaureate curriculum. This will include either French or Spanish and either History or Geography, as well as other options that pupils are free to select from the other two option columns.
    • Pathway 2 (Progress 8) – Pupils are guided towards ‘high-value’ GCSE options including History, Geography, French and Computer Science, but are then free to select two other options from the final two columns.
    • Pathway 3 (Vocational) – This option is offering a small number of pupils an alternative pathway, including more support with literacy and numeracy and option subjects more closely linked to their future career.


Click to download Year 9 Options Booklet 2018