Textiles Fashion

autumn term


Fashion drawing and sketchbook skills.


Fabric manipulation skills.


Nature based accessories.

  • Develop and improve fashion drawing skills.
  • Learn about specific textile artist’s work, styles and ideas.
  • Develop techniques and styles by using ideas from others.
  • Use discussion to challenge and develop ideas.
  • Work as a team to develop samples.
  • Learn how to analyse work and ideas with subject specific language.
  • Evaluate, review and modify work and ideas
  • Develop an idea through experimentation and self-evaluation.
  • Develop a personal idea to a conclusion by testing, reviewing and refining.

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • Group and pair work,
    • Self and peer evaluation skills,
    • Textiles from different cultures and contexts. 


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

    • Careers in the textiles - Visit to London Galleries Artists and craftspeople working now 


Home Learning this Term

Weekly homework of set and independent tasks-

    • Drawing skills
    • Research and photographs.
    • Development of a personal idea.
    • Improve, refine and evaluate ideas.



spring term


Fabric manipulation


Newspaper dresses

  • Learn to manipulate papers and fabrics in a wide variety of ways. Learn to use 2D Design and the laser cutter
  • Use you design skills to develop a range of ideas.
  • Experiment with techniques to create a garment.
  • Show your understanding of other’s work in both written and practical techniques.
  • Refine your ideas as you develop a final idea
  • Develop an idea for a piece of work on the topic which shows that you have been influenced by other artists of images.
  • Review and refine your ideas, experimenting with ideas and mediums

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • Personal research into artists and designers
    • Peer and self-assessment.


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

    • Visiting artist

    • Opportunities in the arts

    • Gallery visits


Home Learning this Term

    • Weekly independent sketchbook work. 

    • Develop a personal idea to a final design.



summer term


Body Adornment Project

  • Research decorative garments
  • Analyse the work of other artists and designers.
  • Experiment with ideas to test fabrics and techniques
  • Review and refine idea through testing.
  • Produce a personal response to the project.

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • Self and peer assessment.

    • Group evaluations.

    • Groups work evaluation.

    • Art from different times and cultures.


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

Visit to University art shows


Home Learning this Term

    • Research existing art and craftwork.
    • Research a theme or idea.
    • Develop ideas for a personal piece.
    • Present, review and improve work as it progresses.



Year 10 Textiles Fashion Summary

Students will learn textile techniques and skills through three projects. In each they will be expected to research the work of other artists, craftspeople and designers. They will use these to influence their own work and ideas.

 Students will be taught how to communicate their ideas through fashion drawing and sketchbook presentation skills.

During students first project of “Nature Based Accessories”. They will be asked to experiment with materials and learn new techniques through workshop style lessons. They will then be asked to apply this knowledge I independently to produce an accessory based on natural forms.

Student’s second project is all about manipulating materials in different ways. Students will work in teams to engineer fabric in a variety of different ways. They will then use this to design a newspaper and fabric dress. Students will independently produce samples for this and create a final idea. As part of this project students will be introduced to 2D Design and the laser cutter. This may be used in their ideas.

Student’s third project will continue into year 11. The topic of Body Adornment will be used to generate ideas for a personal project. Students will be asked to work from a topic or theme to generate ideas for a personal piece. Students will build on their fabric manipulation skills from previous projects. They will be asked to develop and refine ideas in a practical way and use inspiration from other artists and designers.







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