Computer Science

COVID Update

Following on from rising covid rates in Leicestershire, the Local Authority has asked that face masks be reintroduced in all secondary schools for students and staff in communal areas. This is a sensible way to help keep students, staff and our wider community safe from covid this winter. 

Therefore, from Monday, we are requesting that all students (except those with a medical exemption) wear a face mask travelling on school transport, in corridors and when queueing indoors for food. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our local communities healthy and safe.

Autumn Term



Non-Examined Assessment
Students will re-visit key programming techniques using a variety of challenges to recall key programming techniques in preparation for the NEA
Formal NEA
Students will spend 20 hours completing an exam board set programming task worth 20% of the final grade


Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • BV: respect of others view and opinions 
    • BV:  Being kind to others 
    • SMSC:  respect the law and consequences of actions
    • SMSC: working together 
    • SMSC Mutual respect for others 
    • SMSC:  Respecting others beliefs 
    • SMSC:  Reflecting on actions 
    • SMSC: Moral considerations of programming for the real world 


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

    • Programmer

    • Tester

    • Systems analyst

    • Designer


Home Learning this Term

Students will work through a homework booklet of exam questions that enable them to recall prior units covered in year 10.



Spring Term



Wired and Wireless Networks 

  • Types of networks
  • Factors effecting the performance of networks
  • Client server and peer to peer networks
  • Hardware needed for networking 
  • The Internet 
  • Virtual Networks

Network Topologies, Protocols and Layers 

  • Network topologies 
  • Wi-Fi frequency and channels 
  • IP addressing, MAC addressing and protocols
  • Layers and packet switching



Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • BV: The rule of law, social responsibility 
    • SMSC: Working together
    • SMSC: Understanding needs of others
    • SMSC:  Moral considerations of networks 


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

    • Network Manager 
    • Networking
    • Technician 
    • Safety Liaison 


Home Learning this Term

Students will be asked to complete a number of exam question in order to develop exam technique.



Summer Term



System Security

  • Forms and attack and threats to networks
  • Identifying and preventing vulnerabilities


Students will use the remaining time before exam leave to identify strength and weaknesses within their knowledge and form a revision plan.


Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • BV:  Individual liberty

    • BV:  The rule of law, social responsibility  

    • BV:  Mutual respect

    • SMSC: Social

    • SMSC:  Moral


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

    • Network Manager

    • Networking

    • Technician

    • Safety Liaison


Home Learning this Term

Students will be asked to complete a number of exam question in to develop exam technique. Where appropriate students will be set practical programming tasks to complete at home.



Year 11 Computer Science Summary

The Year 11 curriculum gives students the opportunity to tackle a programming project that they are likely to come across in the real world.  They have the opportunity to experience different roles within a project team during each stage of the project.

The theory covered in Year 11 explores the effects computer systems continue to have on individuals and society and starts to introduce some the dangers faced by networking and the Internet. Students are taught about the threats posed and ways in which these threats can be prevented.

Students learn about how networks set up so computers can work together. They can see how different topologies are used in different organisations and how these allow people working in the real world to communicate.  







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