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COVID Update

Following on from rising covid rates in Leicestershire, the Local Authority has asked that face masks be reintroduced in all secondary schools for students and staff in communal areas. This is a sensible way to help keep students, staff and our wider community safe from covid this winter. 

Therefore, from Monday, we are requesting that all students (except those with a medical exemption) wear a face mask travelling on school transport, in corridors and when queueing indoors for food. 

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in keeping our local communities healthy and safe.

autumn term

Animal Project
  • Develop practical skills using a wide range of different medias
  • Develop and improve drawing skills.
  • Learn about specific artist’s work, styles and ideas.
  • Develop techniques and styles by using ideas from others.
  • Use discussion to challenge and develop ideas.
  • Learn how to analyse work and ideas with subject specific language.
  • Evaluate, review and modify work and ideas.
  • Develop an idea through experimentation and self-evaluation.
  • Develop a personal idea to a conclusion by testing, reviewing and refining.

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • Group and pair work.

    • Self and peer evaluation skills.

    • Art from different cultures and contexts.


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

    • Careers in art - Visits to London Galleries
    • Artists and craftspeople working now


Home Learning this Term

At least 1 hour of homework will be set every week. Students should also work independently to develop their sketchbooks.

Example homework-

    • Analyse an artist’s work.
    • Research and photographs.
    • Development of a personal idea.
    • Improve, refine and evaluate ideas.



spring term


Exam Topic

  • Choose a topic from a range set by AQA
  • Research your chosen topic through artist links, written ideas, photographs and gallery visits.
  • Develop an idea for a piece of work on the topic which shows that you have been influenced by other artists of images.
  • Review and refine your ideas, experimenting with ideas and media.
  • Do a practical exam which shows your ability to develop the idea to a personal conclusion.

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • Personal research into painters and artists.

    • Peer and self-assessment.


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

    • Visiting artist

    • Opportunities in the arts

    • Gallery visits


Home Learning this Term

At least 2 hours of homework will be set every week during student’s exam preparation. Students should also work independently to develop their sketchbooks.

    • Research the topic set.
    • Take photographs
    • Analyse the work of relevant artists.
    • Develop a personal idea.
    • Test and trial mediums.



summer term


After final assessment some students will be given allocated time to improve their coursework projects.

  • Improve development of an idea based on the AQA marking criteria.

  • Improve personal outcomes.
  • Improve written and practical analysis of artist link work.

Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural and British Values Links

    • Self and peer assessment.

    • Group evaluations.

    • Groups work evaluation.

    • Art from different times and cultures.


Careers, Advice, Information & Guidance Links

Visit to University art degree shows


Home Learning this Term

    • Improving work based on teacher assessment.

    • Improve development of ideas in sketchbooks.

    • Work from AQA marking criteria to improve outcomes.



Year 11 Fine Art Summary

Students will build on the skills which they learnt in year 10 to produce an “Animals project”. They will study the work of several artist who paint and draw animals and research their own. Students will develop an idea for an animal study to in their sketchbooks. Students will develop, experiment and refine their ideas in a practical way.

Student’s two coursework projects, (Animals and Portraits) make up 60% of their final grade in Fine Art.

On January 1st students will begin their exam project. They will be given a choice of topics by AQA and will choose one to develop into a project. Students will have approximately 12 weeks to research their topic, study artist links and develop a final idea for the topic. They will develop this further under exam conditions in a final 10 hour exam.

The exam project makes up 40% of the student’s final grade.







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