Our Pledge

We are committed to exacting high standards, raising attainment and demanding creative excellence from our staff and pupils.

At the Cedars Academy we are driven to ensure pupil success is at the core of all our work. We provide a vibrant and engaging curriculum which promotes the love of learning, and prepares young people for the next steps in their lives. We are a driven institution where pupils’ success lies at the core of all planning. We are aspirational, bold and ambitious for pupils’ futures.

Our pledge ensures that we will

  • Ensure that every young person feels safe, happy and valued, so that they can achieve outstanding academic success and holistic development regardless of their background.
  • Provide a pastoral structure consisting of well-trained and caring staff who will know every pupil individually and who every pupil will know and trust.
  • Teach engaging, challenging and creative lessons which will foster a love of learning, promote leadership and clear preparation for future study.
  • Offer targeted paths for learners in order to help our young people develop their individual talent, whether this be in sports, the arts, science and technology, humanities, maths, enterprise, or languages.
  • Seek to guarantee our young people know the necessary steps to be successful by providing comprehensive guidance on appropriate courses and apprenticeships which feed into the career path they wish to follow.
  • Have a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities, including charity events, and residential trips, to support with personal development and allow for young people to learn outside of the classroom.
  • Maintain a consistent dialogue with parents/carers ensuring that we work in partnership to allow our young people to flourish and be ready for the challenges and opportunities offered in the wider world.