Attendance and Conduct

Research has proven that good attendance has a positive correlation with achievement and attainment.

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If your child is absent from school we will notify you by text and make follow up phone calls to make sure that they are accounted for and kept safe. The Cedars Academy expects and promotes positive behaviour and respect for each other. We believe that all pupils should be aware of the standards of behaviour that are expected of them and take responsibility for promoting these standards. Through the use of our behaviour policy we can support all of our pupils in developing a high level of social awareness. Our aim is to ensure that all our pupils leave the academy with the key skills they need to continue to progress to the best of their ability in all areas of life.
The academy takes all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all pupils and staff and this includes protection from bullying. We aim to combat bullying and other harmful behaviour using, amongst others, preventative strategies through the active development of pupils’ social, emotional and behavioural skills.

However, we operate a zero tolerance approach to pupils who persistently bully other pupils.
Although the academy aims to focus on positives at all times, there are unfortunately occasions when a minority of pupils let themselves, the academy, and others down. When bad behaviour does take place, there is an expectation that appropriate sanctions will be applied. These are clearly understood by pupils and adults, and are consistent across all areas.