Statement from the Principal

Values and Vision: ‘Aspiring to excellence’

Welcome to the Cedars Academy! We are part of the Lionheart Educational Trust, a Leicestershire-based Multi Academies Trust steeped in traditions of academic excellence and holistic development.

At The Cedars we believe in being kind, working hard and taking responsibility. We work hard to instil these values in our pupils because we know young people who are kind and decent, who work hard, and who take responsibility do well at school and in life. Our relentless focus on teaching children positive behaviours means our classrooms are calm, focussed spaces where children can feel safe and learn, and teachers can get on and teach.

We deliver a well-designed, strong academic curriculum that has been developed centrally with The Lionheart Trust, and carefully adapted to work for the children in our community. It is a curriculum that has been generously praised by Ofsted in inspections across the Trust and in our most recent inspection in 2023, in which we were graded as "Good". The combination of this curriculum and our excellent teaching and support staff has led to year-on-year improvements in our GCSE results.

Alongside our strong focus on academic success we understand the importance of developing children holistically. We offer a growing range of extra-curricular opportunities and trips designed to give pupils an education beyond their GCSEs and A-Levels. And through our teaching of positive behaviours, we develop polite, confident young people who can be proud of who they are and where they are from.

Welcome to The Cedars

Laura Sanchez
Executive Principal

Associate Principal