Academy Uniform

At The Cedars Academy, pupils wear a uniform of a blue school blazer with The Cedars Academy emblem, black/grey knee length skirt or black/grey tailored trousers, white stiff collared shirt, with school tie along with black shoes or trainers.

Prospective Students Key Stage 3 Academy Uniform(1)

This identifies them as members of The Cedars Academy community, shows pride in the institution and creates a sense of belonging. The uniform can be ordered and purchased either through the John Cheatle Schoolwear Centre or alternatively, online through


Black / Grey tailored trousers

These should NOT be:

  • Skinny fit 
  • Jeans or jeans style
  • Leggings/jeggings
  • Jogging bottoms


Black / Grey Knee Length skirts

Knee length skirts are recommended and should be worn with plain black tights.


The school blazer

Blue with the Cedars Academy emblem. This should be worn at all times within the school, including to and from school. Blazers may only be removed with direct permission from a member of staff. 


A white stiff collared shirt

This should be tucked in at all times.


The school tie

This should be worn at all times.


Black shoes or trainers

These should be plain black and must NOT have:

    • A coloured sole
    • A colourful or eye-catching logo
    • Coloured laces


Optional Clothing

V-neck jumper or cardigan. This must be plain grey or black and worn underneath the school blazer.


Cold weather clothing

Warm waterproof coat, hat, gloves, and scarf. Coats should be worn over the blazer during periods of cold or wet weather. Coats must not be worn inside the building.

Hoodies are NOT allowed to be worn in school at any time.

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