Art, Design & Technology Subjects on Rotation

Our Overarching Vision

To instil a genuine passion for Art, Design and Technology in all our pupils, developing inquisitive, confident and resilient learners through experiences that allow them to gain an understanding of the world around them and themselves.

Art, Design & Technology should be enjoyable and motivating, helping to develop positive attitudes to school and life beyond formal education.

Key Principles

We have a moral obligation and responsibility as educators to prepare young people to engage in the wider world around them. Art, Design and Technology (ADT) is a creative platform in which students can access, enjoy and thrive. Our curriculum is built on a secure foundation of skills and knowledge which challenges learners to become independent practitioners through an iterative process of reflection and refinement.

J England
Head of Faculty


KS3 Art, Design & Technology Subjects on Rotation

YEAR 7 – Rotates through each subject area for 8-10 weeks – 2 x 1 hour lesson a week

  • Art: Art Elements – Pupils will develop drawing, painting, printing, and ceramic techniques with focus on the knowledge and application of the Art elements. They will also learn about a range of artists and their techniques, inspired by the natural world.
  • Food Tech: Lunchtime! – Pupils will cook a range of dishes: fruit salad, pizza bread, pasta salad, flapjacks, scones, tarts, fruity cakes, pastry, cakes. They will learn methods of melting, creaming and rubbing in, as well as about Health & Safety, knife cutting skills, hygiene, nutrition and healthy eating.
  • Product Design: Wooden puzzle- Pupils will develop 3D isometric drawing, the use of hand tools, essential machinery and basic carpentry. They will learn about hard and soft woods, manufactured boards as well as the properties and origins of wood (wood theory). Finally, they will develop their skills of product analysis and self-evaluation
  • Textiles: Hat – Pupils will learn applique, printing, hand sewing, and designing skills, to design and create a hat. They will also safely use sewing machines, learning H&S rules; as well as how to analyse theirs and other’s work.

YEAR 8 – Rotates through each subject area for 9-10 weeks – 2 x 1 hour lesson a week

  • Art: Life Events - Pupils will refine observational drawing skills and application of art elements using a wide range of Pop Art techniques in 2D & 3D media. They will look at a range of inspiration Pop Artists to inspire their own masterpiece.
  • Food Tech: Food for Brainiacs – Pupils will cook a range of dishes: couscous, pizza, muffins, tomato soup, rock cakes, cheese and onion triangle as well as layered pasta salad. They will also learn the 4 C’s of good food hygiene, and use the Eatwell Guide for meal planning, modifying a recipe and for wise food shopping.
  • Product Design: Mobile phone holder – Pupils will use CAD/CAM, make a thread (bolt), do line bending, 3D sketching and annotating, as well as basic modelling. They will develop a knowledge of plastics and metals classification, specification.
  • Textiles: Make a monster – Pupils will recall techniques of using a sewing machine as well as tie dye, embellishment, applique, batik and design skills. They will study children as consumers and learn ways to colour fabric using fabric pattern methods.

YEAR 9 – Rotates through each subject area for 9-10 weeks – 1 hour lesson a week

  • Art & Textiles: Pupils will refine their knowledge and use of the A& D elements through Fine Art and Textile techniques. They will also strengthen their observational drawing techniques through the study of Architecture. They will create an imaginative Textiles piece, whilst exploring mixed Media, printing, Hand and Machine Sewing methods.
  • Food Tech: Sweet & Savoury- Pupils will cook a range of dishes: deli salad, fruit fusion, ratatouille, cheesecake, ragu, crumble and fresh pasta. They will learn methods of shallow frying, boiling, simmering, food handling as well as the use of an oven and grill.
  • Product Design: Insect Hotel- Pupils will develop skills of 3D sketching, marking out, drilling, pilot & clearance holes and countersinking. They will also learn the 6 Rs, about upcycling and consider environmental issues.
  • Music: Film Music Industry- Pupils will develop: performance skills through a James Bond theme and composing a theme for a hero and a villain in a film; computer skills and use of Garage Band/Band Lab. They will use and identify major and minor scales, the use of particular chords to compose and to create different moods. Also, they will learn film composing techniques, whilst putting music in films into context, and identifying composers through listening and appraising various pieces of music, relating to the film industry