May 04, 2023

Football Activators at The Cedars Academy

We are proud to announce that eight of our young female students have become 'Football Activators' after receiving training from Loughborough University last term. The girls were selected based on their passion for football and their leadership qualities, with Rosie and Ellie from Year 7 and Sofia, Millie, Sienna, Evie, Georgia, and Summar-Rose from Year 9 being chosen. 

The Football Activators training day was aimed at equipping the girls with the skills and knowledge to become positive role models and effective leaders in promoting football and creating opportunities for their peers in school. The girls were provided with a range of resources to plan, lead and deliver sessions in school, and they spent the afternoon creating an action plan to identify how to raise awareness of football, particularly for girls, and extra-curricular opportunities. 

We are thrilled to have such motivated and talented young female students taking the lead in promoting football in the school community. We are looking forward to seeing the results of the girls' action plan and the opportunities that arise this term as a result of their efforts. 

The Football Activators training is part of the school's commitment to providing a diverse range of sports and activities for its students, with a particular focus on promoting female participation in traditionally male-dominated sports such as football. 

 We are proud to support and empower its students to become leaders and positive role models, and the Football Activators program is just one example of how the school is achieving this goal. 

We wish the Football Activators all the best as they embark on their mission to promote football and create opportunities for their peers. Watch this space for updates on their progress and the exciting initiatives they have planned for the school community.