October 13, 2023

Instrumental Lessons and Y7 Choir

InStrumental Lessons

We have a wide range of Instrumental Lessons that encourage our Cedars Students to take on new challenges and explore how to progress further into their life long Musical journey.  

We have Piano Lessons, Drumkit lessons, Orchestral Percussion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Flute, Oboe and Violin/Viola/Cello lessons. We have recently welcomed a new Guitar Teacher to the Music Team.  There is a currently a waiting list for Vocal lessons. 

Please can you, as a Parent/Guardian, contact the teacher directly that links with the Instrument from the table below.   The teacher will arrange details for payment, organise a timetable for you and then lessons will begin when payment is received. 

 If you are in receipt of benefits, you can use your Child’s PPA Allowance to pay for some or all of the lessons.  You need to let the teacher you wish to contact that you are entitled to PP Allowance and that you wish to use this to pay for lessons. 

Your details, along with your child’s name will then be passed along to me so that I can give classroom teachers notice of the timings as to when your child will come out of lessons. I can pass on relevant information to your child whilst in school, like timetable changes for lessons and room changes etc. I need to have a record of students in instrumental lessons to circulate in school so that classroom teachers are aware of which students are out of lessons. Your child will receive a music instrumental pass that teachers will be aware of, and so they will have permission to leave for their music lesson and then return. 

All being well, Lessons will begin as soon as payment is accepted. 

Here are the Instrumental Teachers and their email addresses to contact directly, stating your name, contact number, your child's name and instrument that they are interested in beginning and whether or not you wish to use your child’s PP Allowance(Where applicable): 




Email Address 

Mr. Ian Maw 


[email protected] 

Mr. Keiran O'Riordan 

Drumkit/ Orchestral Percussion 

[email protected] 

Mr. Darryl Golding 

Guitar/ E.Guitar/ Bass Guitar 

[email protected] 

Jenny Goldsworthy 


[email protected] 

Sally Griffiths 


[email protected] 

Christine Taylor 

Clarinet/ Saxophone/ Flute 

[email protected] 

Teacher TBC 


[email protected] 

Waiting List for Vocals 

A Half terms notice must be given should your child choose to no longer learn an instrument.


Sing Out YeaR 7 Choir

As of Monday 23rd October:  The Cedars Choir, ‘Sing Out!’ will be launching its first Rehearsal. This will be a Singing group for only Year 7 Students.  We will meet in MU1 and it will take place at Lunch times from 12:45-13:20pm. 

I am asking that for this day only, students who are involved, please bring in a packed lunch so that rehearsals are not delayed by students waiting to queue.  This squeezes out opportunities to warm up for singing which is essential.  Students will be able to eat their lunch in MU1 upon arrival and we will be able to start singing by 12:55pm. 

If your child is in receipt of Free School Meals, these can be collected as per arrangement at break time from the canteen. 

I am asking for a commitment from students to attend for at least 10 weeks.  This is because, choirs form and develop more consistently when everyone knows what they are singing and where their voice fits in the mix.   

Like in Rugby training or in football training, for example, the development of everyone’s skills matters and if one person is not as committed, it has a knock-on effect for everyone when it comes to a match, in this instance, a concert. 

I am looking for committed, hard working individuals who are up for a challenge, want to develop their voice and who want to be part of a team of students who will be representing their school in various events arranged throughout the year.    

In collaboration with Leicestershire Music, we are planning to take a maximum of 40 Students to a Singing Workshop on Tuesday 5th December in The Venue at De Montfort University to develop their voices and to bond as a choir.   

Over the course of the Term, we will learn a set of specially chosen songs and join with other schools to take part in a workshop run by Sharon Durant who works for ‘Sing Up’; a National project promoting singing in schools. 

We enjoy a positive partnership with Leicestershire Music and later in this academic year, we plan to take part, along with other schools in their Musical Theatre Workshop which is being held at De Montfort Hall on Wednesday April 10th 2024 and Massed Show Choir Concert along-side West End Performers and MD’s at the De Montfort Hall on Thursday April 25th 2024.     

There will be further opportunities for the choir to ‘Sing out!’ throughout the school year including our ‘Cedars has Talent’ show on Wednesday 20th December, which will be a ticketed event where parents can come and support the performances. 

I will be issuing a separate T-Shirt letter once I have an idea of numbers so that in concerts we can stand out amongst the rest of the performers whilst we perform.    

  Please can you reply to the below letter no later than Monday 23rd October to say that your child is signing up for ‘Sing Out!’ this term and that they will bring a packed Lunch with them every Monday.  

Thank you so much for your support in keeping singing alive at Cedars!  

Sing Out Year 7 Letter 2023 24 1