April 27, 2023

Macbeth comes to life!

We recently welcomed the Globe Players, a renowned theatre company that offers educational plays to schools. The Globe Players performed an abridged version of Shakespeare's iconic play, Macbeth, for Year 11 last term. 

The students were awestruck by the seamless transitions between characters and how the actors brought the play to life with impressive prop and scenery usage, which helped set the stage. The performance lasted for an hour and showcased the actors' exceptional talent in conveying the play's emotions and messages. 

To engage the students, the actors frequently freezeframed and 'rewound' moments to talk to them about the play's key elements. The students were thrilled to interact with the actors and learn more about the play's themes and motifs. 

Our Year 11 students demonstrated kindness and respect throughout the performance and we hope that the students enjoyed the play as much as their teachers did. 

The Globe Players' visit was a tremendous opportunity for the students to experience live theatre and appreciate the complexities of Shakespeare's work. It was a fantastic way to enhance their understanding of the play and bring it to life in a memorable way. 

The Cedars Academy extends its gratitude to the Globe Players for their visit and for providing such a memorable experience for our Year 11 students.