April 06, 2023

The Cedars Academy Wins Leicester City Football Club’s PL Inspires Challenge

The Cedars Academy has won the prestigious Leicester City Football Club’s PL Inspires challenge for the first time ever. The challenge, held by the Premier League every year for youth voice, is run by the LCFC Inspires mentors. This year, three Year 8 students (Ruby, Nicole and Cobie) participated in the challenge, presenting their sustainable ideas for use in football stadiums and/or schools. 

On 17th February, the team presented their ideas to six other schools and two judges, and they emerged victorious. The team is already working on how to implement their sustainable ideas into the Cedars gardens, with a completion deadline of 26th May. Ruby and Nicole are currently leading the project with the support of LFCF mentor Layah. 

Their winning project focused on creating a community garden safe space by using trees that have already been cut down to create benches and swings to make it child and family friendly. They also proposed using solar panel lights to create a bright pathway accessible to everyone at any time of day or night. Most importantly they also plan to use blue and white flowers to represent both Leicester City Football Club and The Cedars Academy. 

The team's achievement has earned them a well-deserved spot at the Aston Villa ground celebration event on 27th June. This recognition highlights the dedication and hard work that students put into developing sustainable solutions for the future. 

Congratulations to the team behind the winning project! Your commitment to sustainability and innovation is an inspiration to all of us and we are extremely proud of you all.