October 31, 2023

The Cedars Academy Year 11s Embark on Geography Trips in Leicester

Year 11 students recently embarked on a series of exciting Geography trips to explore the landscapes and communities of Leicester.  

The trips formed a crucial part of their GCSE syllabus, providing them with a unique opportunity to investigate and analyse urban environments in Leicester. 

Under the guidance of their dedicated teachers, the students visited two sites along the A6 in Leicester, which included the areas of Birstall, Beaumont Leys, and Woodgate. The purpose of these trips was to conduct a wide range of surveys and gather data that would help them evaluate a hypothesis regarding the level of deprivation in different areas of the city. 

The central question addressed by the students during their fieldwork was whether there is a correlation between urban location and the prevalence of deprivation. Specifically, they aimed to determine if there is a noticeable decrease in deprivation as one moves from the inner city to the suburbs of Leicester. To investigate this hypothesis, the students carried out a variety of surveys and data collection activities. These included: Environmental Surveys, Crime Risk Surveys and Public Questionnaires. 

Following the fieldwork trips, the students will utilise the collected data to produce a detailed report. In this report, they will analyse the findings and determine whether their hypothesis has been proven or disproven. This exercise will not only help them develop their research and analytical skills but also enable them to gain a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics of urban areas. 

These trips have been an enriching experience for our Year 11 students, providing them with the practical knowledge and skills required to conduct research and make informed conclusions about urban environments.