Religious Education

Our Vision

Religious Education is the study of religious beliefs and practices and the how these beliefs influence their followers. This is an essential component of a broad and balanced curriculum, enabling students to enter into a rich discourse about the religious traditions that have shaped Great Britain and the world. By developing students’ knowledge and understanding of a range of religious beliefs and practices, traditions and their influence on individuals, communities and societies, RE empowers our students to consider and respond to fundamental questions raised by religion about the meaning and purpose of life as critical world citizens.

Mr Fidler,
Head of Department

Studying Religious Education at KS3
1 hour per week.

Our curriculum is taught with a mixture of linear and thematic learning, giving students the chance to learn, use and compare new concepts as well as enhance their understanding and skills in the wider world. These transferable skills will support study of the discipline at Key Stage 4.

Year 7 sees our students study the core Values and Beliefs of the Abrahamic Religions, the creation stories of various global religions and the role of humans on earth from the perspective of a variety of religions.

Year 8 builds upon the themes broached in Year 7 and sees us look across the religions to consider different teachings and practices which encourage kindness and equality and how these are practiced within religion, identify key religious beliefs of the Vedic Religions of Sikhism and Hinduism and finally conduct an investigation of moral codes and how people are influenced by them.

Year 9 allows our students to investigate whether religion is good or bad though a study of local, national and international religious conflicts. Before moving onto modules more focused on philosophy and ethics and the extent to which we ‘need’ religion in the modern day.