November 06, 2023

The Cedars Academy Celebrates Spectacular Sporting Success

The Cedars Academy is proud to announce its recent sporting achievements, showcasing the exceptional talent and determination of its young athletes.  

From thrilling matches to standout performances, our students have shone brightly on the field, leaving a mark on the local and national sports scene. 

Year 8 Football Triumph: The Cedars Academy vs. Brooke Vale 

Our Year 8 football team demonstrated their skills when they took on Brooke Vale. The game was a rollercoaster of emotions as The Cedars Academy initially took the lead, courtesy of Brucki's well-executed goal. However, they found themselves under intense pressure for much of the match. Despite the challenging circumstances, our team's resilience and talents came out. The game extended into extra time, and the suspense reached its peak as Yassein scored with the very last kick. This crucial goal propelled Cedars Academy into the next round, leading to high levels of excitement from their supporters. 

Man-of-the-Match went to our outstanding goalkeeper, Garlick, whose remarkable saves ensured the team's success. The victory is a testament to the determination and teamwork displayed by our Year 8 footballers. 

Year 11 Football Dominance: The Cedars Academy vs. Harris School of Rugby 

The Cedars Academy's Year 11 football team kicked off their national campaign with a spectacular display against Harris School of Rugby. From the outset, our team asserted their dominance and never looked back. The final score of 8-3 reflected the commanding performance, with hattricks courtesy of Khan and Henderson. Additional goals from Holland and Ikeh further solidified our team's victory. 

Khan's exceptional performance earned him the coveted title of Man-of-the-Match, a well-deserved recognition of his contributions on the field. This impressive win sets a promising tone for our Year 11 football team's national campaign. 

Year 8 Football Drama: The Cedars Academy vs. Thomas Estley 

The excitement continued as our Year 8 footballers embarked on their national campaign with a thrilling match against Thomas Estley. In a closely contested game, The Cedars Academy found themselves in the lead until the last minute. However, in a dramatic turn of events, the game extended into a penalty shootout. In this nail-biting showdown, The Cedars Academy emerged victorious with a 4-3 win, showcasing their composure under pressure. 

Goals from Roe and Goodman were instrumental in securing the win, with the latter's exceptional performance earning him the Man-of the Match award. 

These outstanding sporting achievements highlight the dedication, talent, and teamwork of our students at The Cedars Academy. We are immensely proud of its young athletes and look forward to the continued success as they progress further in their respective competitions. Congratulations to all of our students for their remarkable performances.